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    Optimizing connection

    and collaboration in the

    digital space

    An online training of 4 sessions of 3 hours

  • Reinvent the structure of your collaborative sessions to take advantage of the unique benefits of the digital space

    Harness the full collaborative and creative potential of

    new digital tools

    Discover how to facilitate agile, efficient and

    successful meetings in the digital space

    Learn to maintain momentum and create maximum flow

    when working between virtual and physical meetings

  • An experiential, interactive and concrete training

    30% theory and 70% practical

    A carefully designed learning environment where you will have the opportunity to practice new methodologies and apply digital tools in real time in each session, using examples and contexts from your current reality

    Purpose and Principles of Online Facilitation

    • Intent

    • Integrity

    • Safety and trust

    • Diversity + inclusion

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Design of agile structures


    Creating the Space for Online Experiences

    • The best digital collaboration tools
    • Time and perception

    • Listening and silence

    • Body intelligence and intuition

    • Connecting to the physical space and proprioception


    The Time and The Technology of Collaboration

    • Rhythms of creativity and co-creation
    • Activating collective intelligence data collection
    • Synthesis of results

    Designing Different Kinds of Journeys

    • Intensive practice session
    • Analysis, sharing and coaching
    • Hybrid models
  • Logistics

    Autonomy in your learning process

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    Mighty Networks Platform 

    • Confidential digital space
    • Access to learning materials and recordings from each session
    • A place for exchange between participants and facilitators
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    Before Each Session

    • ​Theoretical content published on the platform one week before the session
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    • Focus on experiential learning and skill development
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    After Each 


    • Survey
    • Informative guides for download
    • Additional readings
    • Instructional videos
    • Practical tips
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  • Applications Open for September Groups

    Maximum 30 participants per group

    Dates and times

    Thursdays, 4 sessions

    Sept 16th 1- 4 pm EST
    Sept 23rd 1- 4 pm EST
    Sept 30th 1- 4 pm EST
    October 7th 1 - 4 pm EST


    $400 CAD
    per person


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    "I learned a lot more than I expected, both about how to run collaborative experiences and introspectively about myself as an individual. Was really moved and grateful for a chance to reflect and share the space with you and the others. I've actually run 2 creative sessions since last week and used a lot of the skills you shared with me, they were the best I've ever run."


    Cassandra Lee - UX designer

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    "I applied to the training to learn new techniques and tools, to be able to adapt the presencial courses I used to teach to the online space. But the training had gone far beyond my initial goal. It brought me a new vision of every moment of the learning process, made me understand the potential of the online, how to organize the time of classes and sessions... and due to the strong interface of facilitation and new paradigms of leadership, I could reflect about managing people and projects online while creating very creative structures."


    Rafael Vitoi - Partnership Manager at Parceiros da Educação

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    "The training is extremely clear, practical and very inspiring! I feel an increasing enthusiasm at every session, by reading the material and interacting with the group and facilitators. I learn the content in a way that I can use on the next day in my projects, meetings and other jobs. I recommed."


    Camile Costa - lawyer and mediator

  • Kite Parade and cuidadoria share a passion for conscious leadership and the transformation of social and organisational systems to create a more collaborative, inclusive world. We created a partnership in 2020, bringing together our respective talents, experiences and expertise to offer a varied and substantive catalogue of training and consulting services.



    cuidadoria develops agile and creative leaders who are equipped to face the challenges of the present and actualise the opportunities of the future

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    Thianne Martins

    Learning and experience designer. Facilitator. Founder of cuidadoria.
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    Henrique Katahira

    Facilitator of collaborative processes and consultant in leadership development. Business partner at cuidadoria.
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    Patrizia Bittencourt

    Specialist in Appreciative Inquiry and Human Centered Design. Business partner at cuidadoria.
  • Kite Parade is a conscious leadership consultancy specializing in activating, elevating and celebrating ingenious creativity in individuals and in teams

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    Gillian Ferrabee

    Founder and president
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    Véronique Bérubé

    Director of operations
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    Allison E. Lang

    Director of communications and marketing
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